Neuropsychological evaluation consists of record review, interview, testing, and feedback.

Please arrive to your evaluation well-rested and having had breakfast. Please bring to your appointment any relevant medical records, academic transcripts, and prior psychological, psycho-educational, and neuropsychological evaluations for our review. If available, please also bring any previous neurodiagnostic evaluations, such as brain MRI or CT scans.

Please bring your eyeglasses (especially if farsighted). Please bring a list of all current medications and their dosages. It can be helpful to be accompanied by a trusted family member or friend, if you may have trouble providing the relevant history and background information yourself. Please do not arrive under the influence of alcohol or drugs which can interfere with cognitive functioning. You are encouraged to refrain from any alcohol 24 hours prior to the evaluation.

Usually, the interview and testing can be completed in one day and takes from three to eight hours with breaks, depending on the nature of the referral question, but occasionally requires two sessions. The evaluation will take place in our comfortable offices and every effort will be made to ensure your comfort. The interview and testing is completed by our neuropsychologists, sometimes with the assistance of a trained, skilled Master’s level psychometrist under the supervision of our staff neuropsychologists. Neuropsychological evaluations are conducted individually and consist of pen-and-paper measures as well as computer-based testing.

Feedback is provided both through a comprehensive written report as well as an in-person feedback session, if desired.

Full payment for the neuropsychological evaluation is due at your initial appointment.

Neuropsychological Evaluation: What To Expect